The legend of the ruby, Roberto Coin's signature

Protection, power, passion. Every culture that has touched the ruby has a legend associated with this magnificent stone, Roberto Coin's unique signature for his jewels.

Burmese warriors sewed rubies under their skin before going into battle, believing the stone made them invincible.
In Hindu tradition, “Brahmin” rubies impart safety to their owners. Ayurvedic healing traditions often recommend wearing rubies to release toxins from the body and improve energy.
The ruby is the only jewel referenced in the Bible, in the Book of Proverbs.
Marco Polo described the rubies of India with wide-eyed wonder; William Shakespeare, John Donne and John Milton all wrote of the ruby as a stone meant for royalty and for crowns... or to describe maidens’ lips and cheeks.
Queen Elizabeth I was a great collector of rubies, as is Queen Elizabeth II. In 1947 the former British colony Burma (Myanmar) gave her a collection of priceless rubies, wishing her a “long, happy, healthy life”.

To this day rubies are among the most valued gemstones, unique for their beautiful color, and designer Roberto Coin has created his own tradition with rubies. According to an ancient Egyptian legend, wearing a ruby close to the skin promoted long life, health, and happiness. In 1996, Coin started signing his jewels by setting a small ruby on the inside of each piece, a secret gift of good wishes. Now we can send this wish to our clients: you'll find a selection of Roberto Coin's jewels in Florio Folini stores. Time to dream...

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