A family story

Our jewellery and watch business was founded in the early 1950s by Florio Folini, subsequently assisted by his wife Eleonora. Today it continues to thrive with Florio's two daughters, Antonella and Patrizia. What matters is not one man's life story but the values that have remained unchanged over time: integrity, honesty, skill and creativity. The watch and jewellery brands have changed over time in response to market demands, but the selection has always been the outcome of skilful, meticulous assessment rather than mere market forces.


70 years of a passion for quality

Our business celebrated its 70th birthday in 2020 and is a historic firm, which began as a small watch and clock repair store opened by Florio Folini, fresh from an apprenticeship at Coira in Switzerland. It was there that he learnt the craft of watchmaking, when the job implied having to produce every single spare part by hand. Today the world of work has changed completely, but what remains unchanged is the firm's philosophy, reinforced by years of appreciative feedback from customers.

Carefully selected jewellery and watches

Vast experience acquired over so many years in the luxury jewellery sector has produced a fine selection, also including less spectacular pieces which can be worn every day. Antonella trained at the world's leading gemstone school, the GIA, obtaining a degree as a graduated gemologist. The knowledge of stones not only inspires her to select stones but also enable her to apply very high quality standars to the selection.


Always close to our customers

We have always aimed to provide customers with advice enabling them to make the best purchase, using our experience to support their needs and wishes. Customers are different today, too, but we are ready to embrace new challenges and welcome them to our store.

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